The Online Research and Media Skills (#ORMS) model takes a closer look at ways to effectively scaffold the Common Core State Standards and #webliteracy.

To receive the badge you must complete the following:

1. Read and review all materials in Module One of the ORMS MOOC.

2. Respond to the "Biggest Takeaway" and the Reflection question for the module in the Google+ Community.

3. Develop a multimodal tutorial as defined in the module and share in the appropriate area of the Google Group.

4. Submit your project for your badge in the Google Group. Your work will be reviewed in your thread and if approved, you will be awarded the badge. Make sure you include the email you want the badge sent to in your Google Group thread.

Project materials submitted to receive a badge in the ORMS MOOC cannot be used to apply for another badge in the ORMS MOOC.
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